Our beginnings date all the way back to 1858 with a family-owned heating and plumbing business, passed down over four generations. Around 150 years later, it transferred ownership and grew into the current Hajoca Corporation, which now has over 400 locations nationwide.

A few decades earlier, in the Southern part of Pennsylvania, William and John Conyngham established the Eastern Penn Supply Company or EPSCO, which had become a leader in the anthracite mining industry at the time. Unfortunately, the 1972 Agnes flood inundated their location, forcing them to move and expand their operations into the plumbing and heating industry. Then, in January 2017, EPSCO united their forces with Hajoca Corporation and became one of their subsidiaries, while retaining their original name and decision-making independence.


EPSCO Scranton has a team with extensive experience in the plumbing and HVAC industry. Our General Manager alone, Rick Timchack, has been working for EPSCO for over 34 years. Besides working with contractors, vendors, and homeowners, we also enjoy getting involved in our community. Our staff regularly participate in Scranton’s annual half marathon, showing our support for our Electric City, one of the first cities to become electrified.